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What is the function of a Tarot reading?

Jean-Michel David (ed.)

Two years ago, a variety of answers to the question ‘What is Tarot?’ was presented in this Newsletter (#12). During the December 2005 Melbourne Tarot Café, a similar yet quite distinct question was asked, for which replies were requested in a thread on Aeclectic’s So…

…what is the function of the tarot reading? with the question left undefined allowing its myriad senses play in the replies.

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What is tarot?

For me, it gives insights into my life and what’s happening around me, thus usually helping me to make better decisions for myself.

Except for the occasional grandchild, I don’t read for others, so tarot is useful only in my own life.

Red Emma

two coinstwo coinstwo coins

It’s a clear answer, that if you stick to has no ifs ands or buts.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

Coming from a counselling-psych background, I use tarot to help the person explore the psycho-spiritual aspects of their situation to identify strengths and problem areas, and investigate what the person can do to build on those strengths and untangle the problems through increased awareness and action. Thus, for me, the function of a tarot reading is, in effect, to create a counselling environment with a focus on active involvement of the readee.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

I believe it is a process for reflecting on the por-trayed images, then speaking of what such images suggest to our associations and imaginations…an opportunity to talk or think of how an allegory, feeling and image can creatively relate to a situation or question…


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

I would say that the function of a tarot reading is to explain and clarify by showing which actions will bring you to your best or desired conclusion.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

To me, the function of a tarot reading is used to give insight on myself, others, and situations I may be in, at the present or past. I also use it to divine the future, so that I may make better choices.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

The tarot reading is a tool to find alternative ways of looking at problems and potential solutions. It allows us to separate ourselves from the questions just enough to gain a new perspective while remaining close enough to feel the crux of the issues.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

The function of a tarot reading is to help a person to get the perspective and insights of any situation and to let them know how their actions or other people actions or inaction’s can help or affect their future.

Tara Deck

two coinstwo coinstwo coins

The function of tarot for me is to allow insights into situations and even just life in general that you may not have known or thought of as yet. It helps to solve problems and gain clarity.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

The purpose of the tarot reading is to provide a trigger to jar memories, feelings and ideas loose from the dark recesses of the mind (heart/soul) and to stimulate dialogue with the higher self.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

To me, the function of a tarot reading is to help querents gain insight into their past, present, and future; to assist querents in making difficult choices; and to generally give querents the opportunity to explore issues and questions that they would not feel comfortable talking about in any other context.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

The Tarot can be seen as a kind of algebra of the subconscious, allowing it to be analysed at the conscious level.

From Wikipedia

two coinstwo coinstwo coins

I believe The Tarot as with most divination tools. They help keep you focused, on the issues at hand.

Dancing Bear

two coinstwo coinstwo coins

The function of Tarot is to enable someone to feel in control of their future thereby giving them a sense of hope.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

The function of the tarot reading is to give one the information one needs to produce the outcomes one desires in life.

Major Tom

two coinstwo coinstwo coins

For me, the Tarot provides a framework on which to hang a question, turn it around and even inside out, so that our conscious may look at the question differently and our unconscious may have a voice to express its view on the matter.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

Asking the Tarot is like asking a neutral yet knowing outsider to provide useful insight to a problem or question; it allows us to see the situation from another perspective in order to make our decisions in life.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

For me, Tarot reading provides a means of translating energies present in the querent’s life and universe into a pattern of symbols and images (cards), that can be used for insight, meditation, self-improvement, or other magic!


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

The function of Tarot is to help you make decisions and learn about yourself.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

I find that Tarot readings help us to ask ourselves question we would not otherwise ask ourselves. The right ones.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

For me a tarot reading is like taking a snapshot of a situation.

It helps me to see things from different perspectives or just to see the ‘bigger picture’.

A tarot reading helps me to see the options I have and so helps me to make more informed choices and decisions.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

For me the tarot cards are markers or guides to a path. Every person has a different path to lead so every reading is different even if the same cards are used over and over again. The reason for this diversity is because of energy that is prjected into these cards by the reader (if you’re doing it for yourself) or the querent. The energy is reflected in these cards, and the reader has the calling of interpreting them.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

I see tarot as a way of putting thoughts, themes and issues that are in your mind, in all different levels of conciousness, into a physical, visual form. it lets you lay elements of your life and mind out, see how they relate to each other, play with them, analyse them and understand them. Also, tarot’s history and symbolism allows you to see your own issues in a wider context of history and wisdom.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

It gives us more to consider, more options, or confirms our own thoughts… it makes us think.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

A tarot reading is to help us meet whatever happens in the best possible way.


The function of a tarot reading is to help a querent/self alleviate anxieties, achieve goals, and to find meaning in experiences.

Teheuti (Mary)

two coinstwo coinstwo coins

A tarot reading is a conversation with the collective unconscious, using the language of symbol and image to access the wisdom of humanity.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

I use a tarot reading (either personal or paid exchange) to get some clarity of the message(s) that the gods are trying to drum into my thick head

peaceful zazen (Tim)

two coinstwo coinstwo coins

Voici a miscellany of ingenious thoughts and reflections…all in one sentence

The Tarot Reading puts you in an undefined space-&-time and helps you to redefine ÒyourÓ space-&-time…


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

A Snapshot of Where You Are On Your Life Path

That is what I believe is Tarot’s highest purpose. You read the cards to see where your current actions and reactions are taking you along life’s path. A good reading will show you a ÒsnapshotÓ a still frame of where you are, where you have been and where you are going if the current climate and your actions remain the same.

Actions and outlooks can be changed to help arrive at a more positive outcome if the cards show a less than bright future. People can shore up their courage and take comfort in the climax of the 10 to know that it can only get better from there. The outcome card is only the true outcome if you continue to act and react the way you have been. Even if the outcome card reveals a physical reality over which the querent has no control, the knowledge of the event or emotion can make all the difference in the person’s mental state when same comes to call in linear time.

Readers and querants alike can benefit greatly from doing/having regular Tarot readings and recording them. This is one of the most illuminating things you can do with the Tarot – if you do regular readings, after a year you will have an incredibly valuable map to which you can refer to see how you are doing with your progress toward being the best person you can be and ride the tides of life’s changes with a minimum of despair.


two coinstwo coinstwo coins

Tarot readings allows us to gain insights into situations, ourselves and others, and encourages responsibility to respond accordingly.

jmd (entry also in Tarotpedia)

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